Perfect Scented Candles for Summer

May 17, 2018

Summer is coming quickly, the sun is peeking out of the clouds and the warm weather will soon be upon us.

There are always specific scents that remind us of summer, and we have the best fragrances that can add a touch of luxury to this beautiful season.

Quintessential Fig

This warm fragrance comes alive in the sun; imagine orchards filled with blushing grey-green fig trees. An exotic aroma with woody essences epitomises the warm season and is perfect to relax the stresses away.

Succulent Orange

Citrus is an ideal scent for summer! These fruits flourish in this season and sweet, juicy oranges mixed with various spiced notes brings a vibrant fragrance to bright, summery days. Dream peacefully with this sophisticated aroma and unwind in the sun.

Enchanting Rose

The most powerful scent of the first blooms of summer is the classic rose; a delightfully strong, floral smell that is like no other. Just like the sun, the fragrance of the rose is associated with happiness and can relieve tension.

Sweet Lavender

You can always smell the blossoming fields of lavender in summer before you see them; the intense purple shade mirrors the deep fragrance that it exudes. A fresh and effervescent scent that is well-known for soothing the mind and aiding sleep.

These are the most popular scents for this summer, but they are not the only ones you can enjoy this season – why not take a look for yourself at all of our fragrances we have at Illumens.