Why Scented Candles Make Perfect Romantic Gifts

February 7, 2019

Romance is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, but who says love should be limited to just one day? There’s no excuse not to treat your loved one with a romantic gift at any time of the year. Here are some of the reasons why scented candles are considered as one of the most romantic gifts:

Personal And Meaningful

Choosing a scent that suits your loved one is personal and the reason for choosing a specific scented candle can be more meaningful than you think. Whether you choose it for a particular room or just for the reason that you know they’ll enjoy it, they will recognise how well you truly know them. Choose an aroma that reminds you of the scent a person wears or the fragrance of their home – chances are this way your choice will hit just the right note!

Mood Enhancing

Whether it’s nostalgia or an influx in serotonin levels, scented candles are able to evoke strong emotional reactions and affect how we feel. Our sense of smell is more powerful than we realise, so choose a fragrance that you think perhaps will trigger happy memories or one that combines several fragrances you think the recipient will love. You will be enhancing their mood! What better Valentine’s Day gift than positivity?

Long-Lasting Enjoyment

A scented candle can be enjoyed for many weeks, not like flowers which fade so quickly or chocolates which are even more quickly consumed! A scented candle is a gift that is so much more that a short-lived romantic gesture, it is a gift that can be enjoyed for many weeks after Valentine’s Day.

An Old Cliché

Commonly, a candlelit dinner is a popular choice for a Valentine’s Day activity, however, candles are not only a cliché but are scientifically proven to add romance to settings. The soft low light of a candle dilates the pupils, and it’s scientifically proven that this makes us more appealing to the onlooker, so it is a perfect Cupid on Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s present or just want to treat your partner with a romantic gift, scented candles are a number one choice. Have a browse through our shop today!