Alternative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

March 18, 2019

Are you bored of giving your mum the same gifts for Mother’s Day every year? Try something different for 2019 and surprise the leading lady in your life with some alternative experiences.


If a beautiful bouquet is usually your go-to present for Mother’s Day, don’t be predictable and go for something different. People who appreciate flowers usually enjoy the way their home feels when they are displayed and the scent that they fill the room with – A scented candle can make the same impact, maybe even more so! If her favourite scent is a traditional rose, our Floribunda Rose would be ideal; if you think she would prefer a mix of floral scents, both our Fleur D’Eglise or Mme Therese provide a beautiful combination.


Instead of taking your Mother out for dinner on this special occasion, why not treat her to a home cooked meal? Not only will it save you money, you can provide a more intimate setting that you can enjoy as a family and dress the room with beautiful scents. Create your own menu, decorate the table and gift your Mum with stunning scented candles that you can also use to create a lovely atmosphere. Fragrances blending citrus notes with herbs, like Countess Marie and Monsieur Clement, are perfect for the kitchen as well as a gift.


Although you may not gift your Mother with a spa retreat every year, you can provide the same luxurious experience in your own home. Draw her a bubble bath, apply a face mask, dim the lights and put some relaxing music on to set the mood. Gift her with some scented candles from our collection to add to the relaxation: Sweet Lavender is a sure-fire way to unwind or add some warming, fruity notes with our Clementine fragrance.

These alternative gift ideas and creativity will definitely be appreciated this Mother’s Day. With the 31st March quickly approaching, get shopping today!