Autumn Scents and Fragrances For 2019

September 26, 2019

As we begin to leave Summer behind, it’s time to enjoy the scents of the new season. The vibrant colours and comforting aromas are what we love about Autumn, so here is a list of our favourite fragrances to truly embrace this wonderful season for 2019.

Autumn Scent Suggestions for This Year

Brambles and Berries

Sweet, fruity scents we love for Autumn are luscious berries; they evoke memories of walking in the brisk, fresh air and picking blackberries to make comforting desserts when you got home. Garrigue is one of our favourite fragrances as it blends juniper berries with gorse bushes and dry smoky grass. French for ‘heathland’, it sets to recreate the dewy Autumn atmosphere whilst adding a bit of sweetness into your home. Or you could try Fig & Ginger or even Fig Valloires!

Heart-warming Fire

Bonfire night, log burners and campfires are all significant scents of Autumn, so bring the outside in with our Heavenly Embers, Reading Room or Amberwood fragrances. Wonderfully woody aromas reminiscent of kicking through crunchy Autumn leaves with a hint of gentle spice. Warm the atmosphere and give an early sense of Christmas so you can begin to get comfortable and prepare for Winter.

Uplifting Citrus & Herb

As the evenings draw in and the temperatures drop, we love to use orangey citrus notes to invigorate and energise our homes. By mixing these zesty scents with fresh herbs, you can revitalise the atmosphere and bring yourself from glum to giddy. Countess Marie, Where Lily Worked, and Neroli and Pomegranate are the perfect fragrances to save you from the dreariest days and lift your mood when it’s miserable outside.

These are just our suggestions, maybe you have a favourite for this time of year? Do let us know!