Mood Enhancing Scents

October 11, 2019

With dark mornings and the evenings gradually getting darker too, it’s easy to start hibernating and to feel more lethargic. Luckily, energising scents can help enhance your mood and put a spring in your step!

Scents and Their Effects

As mentioned in a previous blog article, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses as it is directly connected to the part of the brain which processes emotions. This means, that smelling certain scents can have the power to improve your mood and the way you’re feeling.

Energising Scents by Illumens

Revitalising Jasmine

Jasmine is a natural anti-depressant and has therapeutic properties which calm nerves and encourage more positive energy. It has proven to encapsulate uplifting capabilities, so by smelling this scent it will produce feelings of confidence, optimism and revival. Our Fleurs D’Eglise fragrance sees notes of jasmine among other floral tones which is perfect for that little boost of energy.

Stimulating Rosemary

Rosemary has the power to enhance and improve your cognitive performance regarding concentration, memory and focus. If you’re feeling a bit groggy and you need to sharpen your senses, light your Angels Share candle and let the rosemary work its magic. Combining this empowered herb with citrusy flavours will give you the perfect lift you want.

Energising Lemon

Did you know that the scent of a lemon increases the flow of oxygen to the brain? This has a significant impact on our energy levels, providing a quick, strong boost, and improving our alertness. It will clarify and cleanse our minds, so if you’re feeling a bit run down or tired, our Lemon Verbena fragrance will definitely make you more energised and upbeat.

Invigorating Cinnamon

When you smell cinnamon, you probably first think of Christmas, but this sweet-smelling spice can be stimulating as well as comforting. It has been proven that the scent of cinnamon improves your cognitive function which, in turn, encourages concentration and heightens attention. Our Nutmeg and Cinnamon fragrance is a cosy, Christmassy scent but can also be used throughout the year to enhance your mood.

If you’re getting lost in the lull of Autumn, choose one of these uplifting scents from our collection.